Hey everyone, Liz here. It’s March 1 and there hasn’t been a new comic page. I said that I hoped the comic would come back in February, but obviously that didn’t happen, and I need to tell you all why.

The biggest reason is that I have been horribly, severely depressed since about last October. I thought it was just S.A.D, or being depressed because of finishing the Manga Studio EX5 Cookbook, but it just wouldn’t go away. Normally if it’s post-project-depression, it goes away in a few weeks. Instead, this persisted. Normally I look forward to Christmas and my birthday, instead in the past few months I wanted nothing to do with them. I could barely get out of bed to go to my morning job most days, and then when I got home I just wanted to crawl back in to bed and sleep the rest of the day. If I managed to stay upright, I mostly stared blankly at my computer screen, Manga Studio 5 open, Adrastus Chapter 17 open, unable to do anything. (I did get the cover done, and the first five pages have been laid out, and pencilled, just need inks now, so there has been a little progress made but not a lot.)

On top of that, in January we started looking, again, for a new place to live. Last April, my husband’s best friend was about to become homeless. We took him in and he’s been living with us for almost a year. It’s a pretty good arrangement, except that we’re currently in a one bedroom place, all on top of each other, and we needed to find a larger apartment. We’ve been looking, and we’d found a place back in October, but then my car had a bunch of issues so we had to delay. Now we’ve found the perfect place that we all love, and it’s in our price range, so we applied for it and got approved. We’ve put down our security deposit and we’re moving by March 20th.

Now, the good news about issue #1 is that I finally have health insurance again, and went to a doctor last Thursday. I’m back on medicine (Wellbutrin) for the depression so I will hopefully start feeling better soon. And the good news about issue #2 is that our new place has enough room that I will finally have room for an actual office!

But of course the bad news is that both of these issues are delaying Adrastus’ return even further. I don’t have a buffer right now, and I need to spend time packing our current place so that we can move in 3 weeks. I will be spending time when I’m not packing doing what I can on the comic so that I can get some pages off to Byron in the meantime.

I realize that the continued delay may make some people angry. I’m really sorry that the comic isn’t coming back ‘on time’, but there’s nothing more I can do right now. The depression crippled me enough that I couldn’t even talk about the fact that I was depressed, because I was afraid everyone would get angry with me. There is absolutely no one that wants me to start posting comic pages more than me.

I promise that Adrastus IS coming back. But it needs to be after the move is over. By then the new medicine will be in my system and I should be feeling better, and I’ll actually have the space I’ve always needed and wanted to work in and be creative.

As always, I will be posting anything I’m working on over on the Patreon page for backers. I will try to make regular blog posts here to let my readers know what’s going on as well, now that I’m starting to crawl out of the depression hole that I’ve been in for five months.

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