Hey everyone! Sorry that there’s been radio-silence on the site for awhile. It’s been VERY busy around here!

The Manga Studio 5 Cookbook is coming along really well. Chapter One’s preliminary draft is done and I’m starting this week on Chapter Two. If you want the gritty details and insight in to the whole process, come support me for as little as $1/month on Patreon!

I am hoping to get to drawing Chapter 17 soon. Byron is going to stay on for coloring, of course. I’m thinking about changing how we work on the chapters on this end and how they get released. When we start work again, we’re going to get the entire chapter done and then start posting it. This will eliminate late pages. There’s a bunch of reasons that I want to start doing the comic this way, had to do a lot of thinking to come to this decision, in fact. I was thinking that we might release the entire completed chapter all at once but I think that might be a logistical nightmare for the site. Maybe a Patreon PDF? There was no real interest in advance PDFs when I tried them before awhile ago.

Anyway, I wanted to give an update, because I’d been quiet for so long. Adrastus is not dead, I’m just working hard on the new book and putting in a lot of sweaty hours at the horse farm!

(If you are seeing this on Tumblr and there is no comic image yet, here is a link: http://adrastuscomic.com)