2015-02-01 09.35.21Hi everyone! Happy February!

I wanted to post in here just with an update on a few things. First of all, Ohayocon was amazing this year and thank you so much to everyone who came by my table! It was a fantastic weekend and I’m so happy that we got to go, even if it was last minute and stressful. I sold out of one print and a lot of buttons, so sales were great! Feedback from everyone who came by was amazing too. It was just a great convention and I can’t wait to go back again next year if they’ll have me. And hopefully my friend who has super-cute jewelry will also be able to actually come, too!

Now that it’s been a few weeks, and I had Ohayocon, I’m feeling quite energized again. I’m starting to lose weight! So I know that the chemical anti-depressants are out of my system finally. I’ve been taking supplements since I got off the pills, and everything seems to be going okay. I had a few mood swings that were pretty bad back before the convention, but I took the pills that were prescribed for me to take when that happens and they helped. So I feel like I’m on the road to recovery here, and that’s great. I’ve been doing some art again, and trying to teach myself how to draw “environments” for the comic to make it better. I’m really excited to show off the next few pages of Chapter 16, actually, because I’m working hard on them and I think they’re looking better than before!

Also, it’s now officially official that Byron Wilkins will be coming back as the colorist for Chapter 16! He’s offered his help, and I have graciously taken it. It’s going to allow me to concentrate on making the pencils and the inks as good as I can make them right now. So many thanks to Byron for doing this for me, it’s such a help and has taken a real load off my shoulders. He’s already working on coloring pages and I’m working on inking, so we’re hoping to get a few pages done ahead, and starting to post them February 16. So, next week, Adrastus should be back! I’m going to be posting more previews on the Patreon page (which you can get to by clicking on the big banner to the left) so if you’re not partying with us over there, come join in!

FINALLY- and this is a big thing- I AM CURRENTLY IN THE PROCESS OF PUTTING TOGETHER THE FIRST ADRASTUS KICKSTARTER. It came to my attention at Ohayocon that I am running very low on books. Plus, Chapter 16 marks the end of Book 4, and Book 3 was supposed to be out last year, and it didn’t happen. So the Kickstarter will be to print all four books of Adrastus- reprints of Books 1 and 2 and to get the brand new books 3 & 4 finished and printed! I’m hoping to have this Kickstarter up by my birthday, February 22, at the earliest. If that doesn’t happen then it will be live by the end of the month for certain. So mark your calendars and hang on tight! I’d really love for this first Kickstarter to be a success!

That’s all for now. Byron and I will see you all next week with some new comic pages! Have a great week!