Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that Byron’s meds are still making him odd(er than usual) and that both of us agreed we’d rather he not rush the last page of this chapter. Because it’s sort of a big, involved page and I want it to be epic and look awesome. So the last page of Chapter 15 will post on Monday. After that there’s going to be a break until the new year so that I can write the brand new Chapter 16 script and get a head start on things. (Plus with holidays coming up, things are hectic for everyone so it’s just easier to postpone starting a new chapter until the New Year.)

So instead today I want to share with you all some stuff I’ve been working on. I was commissioned to do the art for an upcoming YouTube show being hosted by my friend Ryan. Early this week I got the biggest, most complex part of the group of commissions completed and Ryan got the trailer for the show done. (He was waiting on my finished piece for it) Watch the trailer below and check out two of the 15 pieces of art I’ve been working on for these guys!