I’m having a hard time remembering that I have this here to blog on if I want to. I could never figure out if I could, or how to, blog on the old site so I just never bothered. Now that I have a space to share more about myself I keep forgetting to do so! I’m going to try to remedy that, however.

There’s been a lot going on lately, both with Adrastus and outside of it. First I’ll tell you guys the other stuff. I’ve entered a contest over at the PaperWings Podcast¬†and would really love to win. It’s one that requires me begging for votes though, so if you’re reading this and haven’t voted yet, if you could boogey on over to my entry page and click the Facebook “Like” button that’s in the floating menu to the left of my entry, I’d really appreciate it! (Just wish that the awesome Robin, of Leylines hadn’t entered the same category as me, because I want her to win too!) You only have until Monday to vote, and I appreciate all the help you guys have given me so far!

Okay, so Adrastus news now. The cover for Book One is being colored even as we speak. Well, not exactly, because I can’t color and type a blog at the same time. But it’s being colored. My goal is to have the coloring done this weekend and then get the rest of the interior pages banged out next week so I can send off for the proof. Overall goal is to have books on my table at Interventioncon! I will be taking pre-orders for both signed copies and probably Artist Edition copies as well. I kind of want to have the proof on the way to me though before I go starting pre-orders. The books are going to be about $15 plus shipping for just a signed copy. Thinking about $20 plus shipping for an Artist’s Edition, because I’m planning on inked sketches in those. We’ll have to see.

Also, I’m hoping to start doing some new things here on the site, related to Adrastus but not comic updates. The first Sunday of every month there’s a First Sunday Short Fiction event that a friend of mine runs, and I’ve been wanting to be a part of it. Now that I have somewhere to blog, I can! So I’m going to start writing one 2,000 words or less Adrastus short story a month to post. These will likely be with side characters, characters that aren’t going to appear in the comic, etc, and will give more insight in to the world of the comic. So reading them will not be a requirement for enjoyment of the comic, but they’ll be fun little extras.

I’ve also been thinking about going back to a Saturday update. Maybe not with a full comic, but perhaps a blog entry with some bonus art, sketches maybe of the last page or two or an upcoming page or cover. Just something for a little extra content for you guys.

So basically, I’ve got a lot going on, but I’m having some crazy fun over here. :)