The page is going to be going up later today. Byron was exhausted last night and needed more time to get the colors done, and I am a benevolent dictator who completely understands the effect that medicines/illness can have on energy levels. Look for the page later on this afternoon!

Plus I was in bed, asleep, by the time he texted anyway. I’m starting a 4 a.m. – 11 a.m. Part Time job tomorrow and have been trying to get used to having to wake up at 3 in the morning. It’s going to be nice to be done with work that early, be able to go right up and work the horse (on days when it’s not freezing-freaking-cold), come home after and still have a few hours to work on comic (and Kickstarter!) stuff, but so far waking up at 3 just makes me feel like the day drags on a million times longer than normal.

Speaking of the Kickstarter, currently as I write this, it is $55 away from being 1/3rd of the way funded! Woo-hoo!! At the $1000 mark I am going to give all backers a sneak peek at the robot form of LUCY, from the extra comic that will be in the book!

(If you are seeing this on Tumblr and there is no comic image yet, here is a link: http://adrastuscomic.com)