A week ago I woke up with pain in my right shoulder. By Wednesday the pain was down enough that I went back to work. Thursday morning I woke up with some of the worst pain I have ever had in my shoulder. I couldn’t breathe without being reduced to tears. So instead of going to work I went to Urgent Care. Thankfully the Urgent Care doctor doesn’t think it’s anything skeletal, just a pretty bad muscle sprain. I’ve been taking lots of Ibuprofen and resting, but I had to go back to work Sunday morning.

On top of that, confusion over the Clip Studio Paint video course I’m recording put me about half a week behind schedule. So when I felt good enough to sit upright again I had to record videos, because contracted work comes before the comic.

My shoulder is feeling better, but it’s still sore. So instead of rushing to get the next page done and wrecking my shoulder again, I’m going to work slowly on the next page and hopefully it will be ready for Thursday. I’m sorry this chapter has been so sporadic, but I wasn’t intending on having so many health issues this year, obviously. (Or having contracted work to do, or my computer having a meltdown, or spending 19 days away from home)

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