2015-02-11 09.42.18Kickstarter plansĀ are heating up around the Adrastus offices this week!

Let me tell you what all I’ve been working on?

If you’re part of the Patreon campaign, you’ve already seen the photo here. If you’re among the Patreon backers, let me tell you what this is all about!

I announced in the last blog post that I was planning for the first-ever Adrastus Kickstarter. At the time I was slotting it for both Book Three and Book Four. That plan has changed- the Kickstarter will be just to print Book Three and get reprints of Books One & Two. So that’s the first major change. There are several reasons for the omission of Book Four from this KS campaign. The big one being that taking a book out allowed me to drop the goal amount by a grand, which makes it much more feasible of a goal to hit. Also, there was no way I could think of to present a campaign for two new books and two old books and make it completely clear what people were getting as rewards and how everything was going to be handled. Confusing campaign = failure. So I decided that it was best to give one new book a better chance at happening than dooming two new books.

The good news is that I tentatively have a Book Four KS campaign scheduled for later in the year, should this first campaign go well. Fingers crossed.

Now, these guys to the left of your screen? They’re going to be the main characters in an all-new bonus story in the back of book 3. World, I’d like to introduce to you Sean and Danny Browning.

This story will be all new and will focus on a different angle of the Adrastus world. While Sarah, Michael, and Sector Seven are busy dealing with the huge Varugo invasion force, who’s watching out for the little invasions? The radioactive hamsters from Nadiavittor who dig up gardens and eat all the vegetables? The joy-riding teenager aliens from Yerkes who make crop circles in their stolen saucers? Adrastus: ROGUES (working title) will answer just that question. Brothers Sean and Danny Browning travel the country in their vintage muscle car, LUCY, and watch the local tabloids for the tales of the weird. The script was written by Kurt Sasso of TGT Media and I’m very excited to start drawing it!

2015-02-11 16.12.28 Working on these character designs as warm-ups the past few days has been a nice change. I’m really eager to finally work on this script, which was written for me a year or two ago when I first had the idea for this side-story. Exploring some more of the “Adrastus Earth” is going to be fun. And I get to draw new characters, new robots, and new aliens!

Again, this story is going to be EXCLUSIVE to book three! So if you want to see it, please pledge when the Kickstarter is up and then help me spread the word to new readers!

Right now I am planning to have the Kickstarter go live on my birthday, February 22, 2015. This may change if I run in to snags with recording a video or getting everything together in time, but it’s looking pretty good at the moment.

Also, the plan between Byron and I is still to have new Adrastus pages starting next Monday, Februrary 16th. I hope you’ll come back and join us then!