I hope all my American visitors are having a lovely, long holiday weekend. I spent it down in North Carolina, which is actually where the idea for Adrastus actually blossomed and came about. We hadn’t been down to visit our friends there in about a year, so it was nice to go see almost everyone. A few people weren’t there, because they have moved away or had other plans, but it was wonderful to see those people who could be there, and to catch up and have fun. I’m sure I’m going to be recovering from the weekend for the next few days. (Introvert powers, ACTIVATE!)

I did get my hand studies done each day that I was there though, and each day this past week. I was going to do more feet and shoes but then I decided to concentrate on hands when I ran out of the feet photos that I downloaded.

Here’s my hand sketches from this week. I have been working on Adrastus pages, slowly. I think I’m going to need to find someone with MS5 who would like to help me out with at least putting base colors down on characters, because it would help me get through this a lot faster, and it’s something that someone can do quickly without even needing a tablet. So if anyone would like to volunteer to help with base colors on some future pages, please let me know? I’d appreciate even the help with one or two pages!

My hand studies are below. Please post any comments or hints or critiques in the comments!