So in the blog I want to try doing something a bit different. On Mondays I want to post something a bit more in-depth (see this past Monday’s blog post checking up on my depression), Wednesdays something a little lighter and probably more about the world and characters of Adrastus, and on Fridays we’ll talk about art and post tutorials.

But today I actually want to post a little bit more about me, to get to know my readers a bit better!

10 Things You May Not Know About Liz

1- My full name is Elizabeth Ann. My family members call me Beth Ann. My actual preferred nickname is “Lizzy” (I think it sounds adorable), but no one calls me that.

2- I have three older brothers, and no younger siblings of any kind. Between my three older brothers I have 2 nephews and 2 nieces, currently. My youngest brother is the closest to me in age, and because of that we were pretty much each other’s best friends growing up. You might be able to guess that I was a bit of a “Tom Boy” when I was younger! I actually don’t remember having very many ‘girl toys’ growing up- but I do remember having dinosaurs, Godzilla, Ninja Turtles, and Transformers.

3- I’m a total sucker for anything ancient Egyptian. I love the mythology, the pantheon, and the art so much. If I’m in a book store and see a bargain book about Egyptian myth, you can bet I’ll be trying to figure out if I can afford to buy it. My favorite ancient Egyptian god is Anubis.

4- My favorite fruit is pineapple! But I like it fresh, not the canned stuff. I love buying the whole fruit, skinning it, coring it, and cutting it up. And eating lots of it while I do that, of course. Yum!

5- I HATE long sleeved shirts. The sleeves bother me and I end up with them pushed up around my elbows when I wear a long sleeved shirt. I think this must be because I’m so tall and all my limbs are so long though- because if I wear armwarmers or fingerless gloves over top of the ends of the sleeves I’m perfectly okay. So obviously my hatred of the long sleeves is because they’re too short and don’t cover my wrists. (This has lead to an obsession with armwarmers and fingerless gloves.)

6- One of my all-time dreams is to go to San Diego Comic-Con. I’d love to go as an exhibitor (or guest) but I would settle for just being an attendee just to see the insanity of that convention. And then when I got home I’d probably need a month to recover from being around that many people at one time. But it would be SO WORTH IT.

7- I love concept art. And storyboards. Seriously, if companies would just release their movies as books of the storyboards, I would buy the hell out of them. There’s so many concept art books that I would love to have, but sadly I only own one. (The Art of Iron Man 3)

8- Right now, aside from doing art and writing, I also work with horses. At least two days a week I work as an instructor’s assistant down at the local riding center, in exchange for riding lessons. I also have a horse who is mostly mine- a cart driving Morgan mare named Glory. It’s been my dream to work with and be around horses since I was little, but it’s only been since 2013 that I’ve been able to do it! I’m pretty sure that the horses are one of the big reasons why I’ve been able to keep going the past few months, actually. They make me laugh and they bring me so much joy, just being around them, caring for them, and learning about them.

9- If I could go to every amusement park that I wanted to, I would. I’m a roller coaster junkie when I do get to go. Which is… not often. In fact I can’t remember the last time that I was on a roller coaster! When I was a kid I was scared of all the rides at parks except for the Merry-Go-Round. I remember that my first ride on a roller coaster was on the Rebel Yell at King’s Dominion in Virginia. I’d kept getting on the coasters all day and then chickening out and jumping off before the train could leave. Finally, it was close to closing time for the park, and the Rebel Yell had no line. We walked right up and got on, and by the time I’d been able to think about the fact that I was about to do this, we were already up at the top of the first hill. When the ride was over we were walking down the ramp and my family was certain they’d traumatized me for life because I was being so quiet. Finally I looked up at my parents and said “Can we go again?”

10- It’s been a dream of mine for about the past ten years of my life to be a guest at a convention. I don’t know why it’s been such a pressing thing for me, but I’ve been trying to attain that magical status since before I was doing comics and was just writing novels and putting art on DeviantArt. Next month I’ll finally be achieving this goal at Intervention Con! I’ve been vending at this con for years now and I have to say that it’s honestly one of my favorites and I look forward to it all year. So much fun! But this year I’m honored to be a guest- and I can’t wait to do more panels and meet more people there!


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