Here we are back at the hospital again. That third panel was done using a fish-eye perspective ruler that I bought from Doug Hills’ shop. It was my first time doing perspective that was more than 1-3 points! And it was tricky, and a learning experience, but I’m pretty happy with the results.

I don’t even want to talk about how long that top panel took.

Page done 100% in Manga Studio EX5!

I leave tomorrow night for GenCon in Indianapolis. I don’t have a table but I’ll be wandering around. I’m actually sort of more excited about the fact that the hotel we’re staying at has a pool than anything else, but I’m sure that the convention will be a lot of fun. Any of you out there also going? It would be awesome to have a little meet-up!

Of course the weekend after I will be at INTERVENTION CON! And there I will have a table and will be on some panels. If anyone wants to preorder anything and pick it up at the con I can definitely do that so you won’t have to wait for your buttons, prints, or books to be ready! (And your book(s) to be signed, too.) I’m going to have all the stuff that’s in the Storenvy and Etsy stores, plus some new prints AND I’m premiering some brand new Guardians of the Galaxy buttons as well!