Okay so I was going to blog today about some of my favorite features of Manga Studio 5. But then last week my Desktop’s hard drive decided that it wanted to start acting up, and it fully died on Monday afternoon. This is why there also hasn’t been a new Manga Studio video this week.

Full story is this: Monday I made the speech balloons tutorial. In the evening we had a little storm and the power blipped out for a moment. My desktop is plugged in to a surge protector so I don’t know if that had anything to do with this or what but when the power came back it was taking forever for my computer to start up again. I turned it off, let it sit for awhile, turned it back on with hardly any problems.

The next few days I spent working on this video about me making giant robots:

And for the three days that I worked on that video, my computer and I fought. And we fought. And we fought. It would drag. It would go slow. The video editor crashed. I’d go to try to open a folder on My Documents and it would take ten minutes. I thought it was just because the computer hated the video editing.

But then I finished the video and closed everything. Restarted and the computer ran fine for a little while. And then it started dragging again. I’d be doing something and the screen would go black, displaying a message that I needed to insert the proper boot disk. It would crash, restart, and take about 30 minutes to get to the log-in screen again so I could get back to what I was doing. Then I started getting the (very friendly looking Windows8) blue-screen-of-death telling me that my computer was having a “Kernel inline data error”.

Now by this time I’d started to panic and had gone and purchased an external hard drive and was in the process of backing up files. Which took three days because of the slowness. I also had my Surface set up on my desk so I could at least do something while staring at my desktop and waiting for it to actually cooperate. So I googled the error I was getting and discovered that it could be either a hard drive or RAM error.

By this time it was Monday again and I’d spent a full week fighting with my computer. I was nearly done backing up a folder of files that I’d deemed “I’d like to have backups of this stuff but I won’t cry if I don’t have them” when the computer conked out yet again. This time the start-up screen sat spinning and did nothing. ¬†Frustrated, I unplugged the computer and took it down to Best Buy to get another opinion.

The helpful geek at Best Buy plugged in Osiris, watched him try to boot, and promptly said “Yup, hard drive is dead. You’ll have to call Gateway and get them to send you the boot disks so it can be restored to factory defaults and you’ll have to get a new hard drive.”

I called Gateway while still sitting in the Best Buy parking lot. After shipping I paid $40 for recovery disks and for overnight shipping. Which was really sort of a lie because my order wasn’t packed until Tuesday, so I’m not getting my disks until Wednesday, but whatever. Then I went and bought a new hard drive.

Hard drive has been installed and is ready to go as soon as the disks get here today. Hopefully it will be early so I can get it going.

The worst thing about this is that I really felt like I had found my stride again and then this crap happens and throws me completely off. I’ve pretty much gotten no work done this week because of dealing with the computer stuff. I’m insanely grateful that the drive held on at least long enough for me to get 95% of my files off it though. This is also the second hard drive that has died on me in the past two years or so, so that’s a little annoying. Still, not as bad as the time I had a scanner catastrophically fail on me and start melting, I suppose.

Anyway, I will write the blog post I originally wanted to write for today and post it another time. In the meantime, what’s the worst technology failure you’ve ever had? Tell me about it in the comments!

Today’s comic page made in Manga Studio EX5