Happy August, everyone!

I’m happy to report that my desktop computer is back up and running. Wednesday evening I took it down to Geek Squad, had them look at it. And of course, (after being rung up and paying for them to fix the computer) the system restore started working, finished, and my money was refunded. So this has only been a $210 problem instead of a $350 problem- after buying an external hard drive, an internal hard drive, and Windows8 recovery disks.

So I’m now hard at work again on penciling Chapter 15. Computer issues set me back on progress, and hit my bank account hard. I’m very lucky that Byron and I had some extra money to be able to get me the things I needed to address this issue. But being able to make some of that back would be awesome. If I could encourage folks to take a quick look at any of the links at the bottom of this post and consider getting something from one of my shops, or chipping in a pledge to my Patreon campaign, it would really help offset the costs of getting my computer back up and running so that I can continue making comics and tutorials.


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