Oh god, this Tuesday I’m leaving for GenCon and then after I get back it’s time for Intervention. *screaming incoherently here*

Thank goodness I’m not vending at GenCon, though it is one that I’ve wondered about for a long time. Maybe one year I’ll be able to try it out having a table. But I WILL be running around, attending seminars and workshops, and probably trying not to freak out from so many people (and not buy everything in the Dealer’s Room. Because I will not have the money for that.)

As for InterventionCon! I will be at my usual table- table 31! Which is right down the row from Sluggy Freelance and the Intervention Merchandise booth.

My panels schedule is as follows:

  • Friday, 5PM in Panels Room 2- Designing Your First Book
  • Saturday, 1PM in Panels Room 1- Intro To Manga Studio 5
  • Sunday, 11 AM in Workshop Room- Webcomic and Art Portfolio Reviews

At the table I will, of course, have Adrastus books 1 & 2. I will also have art prints, posters (Muppet Avengers and My Little Pwnformers), cell phone charms (Adrastus and Hello Fili/Hello Kili), and buttons. LOTS of buttons. How many buttons?

Thank you, Westy.

No, seriously, I have over 100 different button designs. And I will be premiering some new ones that haven’t been available on-line, like Guardians of the Galaxy. (which was awesome, by the way.) This is my first time being a guest at a convention and I’m really excited, so I hope that lots of you will come out and see me! I’d love for this to be my best con ever!