I’ve been wanting to draw an ADRASTRON image since I first saw Voltron: Legendary Defender, and it just felt like it was the perfect time to do it since today is the 7th Anniversary of me launching this comic. (How fitting that there are 7 characters in this image, too.)

There was no way I could justify making Sarah in to the Black Paladin for this. She’s just too much like Keith. But Mack is very much the natural born leader. Wade hasn’t been in the comic much but he and Hunk are similar in some ways. Michael is, of course, a dead-ringer for Lance. And Brent as Pidge is pretty spot-on. I had to debate who to make as Coran, but then Uncle Lance was the natural choice after I thought about it. And Nancy as Allura finishes out the main cast as a spunky go-getter Princess!

Also, I’m hosting a celebratory giveaway over on Facebook and Tumblr! Go enter, there is Adrastus and Voltron swag to be had! How much swag? Take a look at the prizes below: