It’s time for some lovely guest art! Yay! Today’s “Iron Giant” inspired artwork is brought to you by Owen “Odmo” McRae, from Beep Club! I love the detail in this piece, and since Iron Giant was one of my favorite movies growing up, I love that this was inspired by art from the movie. Just 100% awesome~!

Don’t forget that you can pick up Chapter 12 in PDF form for a donation of any size. That deal’s going on until April 1st. And let me tell you, seeing that next chapter in color? It’s amazing. I still sort of can’t believe that I’m responsible for the coloring job.

Oh, and in other Adrastus related news: Book Two is nearly complete! I’m working on the cover right now, then there’s an interior illustration or two that I need to finish yet and it will be ready to go off to Create Space. I’m thinking about running a SMALL IndieGoGo or Kickstarter campaign to handle pre-orders and also be able to manage add-ons. I do have 2 other books that I need to restock, and there’s some Adrastus swag that I’ve had in my head that a small campaign would be great to test them on. Because I have to do POD printing, I don’t need thousands of dollars to do a big run of books, so that at least alleviates some of the stress of a huge campaign. But I have some other, Non-Adrastus related projects coming down the pipe (that I can’t talk about right this second but should be able to soon) that are going to start demanding my time come April. So, the short story is, get ready for Book Two!