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Hey! Stop damaging the paint job, you psycho Hyenabot! Oh man, Sarah’s going to get upset when she sees that. Doesn’t matter what the vehicle is, you just don’t scratch the paint!

I was over on Tumblr a little while ago, and there is so much Iron Man 3 on my dashboard right now. I have to admit, I love the Iron Man movies. I think Robert Downey Jr is brilliant in them and no one else could play Tony Stark as well as he can. (I mean, he’s pretty much not acting at all) I’m hyped for IM3, and also for Pacific Rim as well. Giant robots and Kaiju- it’s like a dream come true! So I was wondering, lovely readers, what movies are you excited for in the next year?

Drawn in Manga Studio EX4, colored in Manga Studio EX5