**Chapter 12 is going to be on an update schedule of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday because of the freelance gig that I’ve gotten! For more details please check out this post!**

It’s a new month, so be sure to go vote for Adrastus over on TWC! As always, you’ll get a preview of the next update for your free vote, and it only takes a second!

I’m really, really nervous about the reaction that this is going to get. Not the page content, but the coloring job. Making huge changes to the comic usually turns my stomach some, so if you like the colors, let me know. Or if you don’t like the colors, let me know that too of course!

I actually couldn’t imagine how I would have done this chapter without the color now that I actually have it all done. So many neat effects that I would have had a tough time doing with just the usual black and white. And of course I was excited to draw Adrastus actually in action! And there’s some other robots soon too! Wheeee!