And thus ends Chapter 12, folks. I wish I could tell you when Chapter 13 is going to start posting. I have gotten some guest art things to post for a bit and am hoping that more will come in soon. As it stands, I am due to have all the rough drafts of the Manga Studio book chapters done by June 29th- hopefully sooner if I can speed through the last 4 chapters. Then of course there are edits from the publisher to do, and Chapter 1 needs MASSIVE amounts of editing and all of the screenshots retaken. But the writing part is taking the longest so once that’s all done (and I let my brain recharge) I should be able to get back to drawing comics.

In the meantime I have been decompressing some by drawing fun Adrastus related stuff that I can post along with guest art, so hopefully you all will enjoy what else I’ve been cooking up until I can get off this cliffhanger here.

As another note, have you all checked out the Adrastus store, or Redbubble lately? I’m going to be adding more stuff soon because, honestly, I need to start raising some funds to buy myself a new car. My car (which was hubby’s car until we got our second car, then I inherited Serenity. Yes, the car’s name is Serenity, don’t judge) has decided that it’s had enough and is starting to die. This week the brand new battery drained to dead and we think the alternator has gone bad again. Second alternator in the 5 years that we’ve owned this car. Without my own car, I won’t be able to attend SPX, and I’m going to have a hard time getting to my volunteer work. Oh, and if nothing in the stores interests you, I am always open for commissions, of course. :) Actually, I have found the $6 commissions to be a very welcome and happy wind-down from book writing when I need it.