(I have no idea where Shanky- the guy with the blond hair in the second panel- got that towel that’s around his neck. I just now noticed that I hadn’t drawn it there before at all. He has magical towel-summoning powers or something, I don’t know.)

Feeling better this week than I did last week. Thanks to all who commented on Friday- I’m going to go back and reply to some of those now. I had a good weekend so that’s helping me feel a lot better right now. Plus… well sometimes you get people in your life who shock you and make you feel really awesome out of the blue. Yesterday I was hanging out with Eren and┬áChezhnian from Tamuran, and they surprised me with a gift! I love tea, so they blended me a special tea and gave it to me yesterday. I was excited to get home and try it out, considering…

Yes, that is Adrastus “MARS PUNCH!” tea, everyone. I have tea named after a rocket punch, and it is glorious. I actually had to get out my good tea pot and cup to enjoy some yesterday.

I always love when someone takes the time to make me something special, even if that’s just a stick figure drawing. The fact that I was thought of for any amount of time means a lot to me. So to have a tea that was specially blended to my tastes (I LOVE mint chocolate, and this has mint and cocoa powder in it so it hits right on those notes), and then named after something I created? Awesome. I was beside myself and still sorta am.

I am now going to stop talking about tea, and go get ready to enjoy a double-feature of Iron Man 3 and Star Trek: Into Darkness today. Enjoy your Monday!

Drawn in Manga Studio EX4, Colored in Manga Studio 5