One of the things I greatly dislike about drawing action sequences (far more-so than writing them, because I love to write action sequences) is getting the flow to make sense. For instance, I can tell what’s going on in that second panel, because I wrote and drew this. But can anyone else? Don’t know. Could I have drawn it differently to make it more transparent? Again, not sure. Also, how many people in the pages before this one thought this robot was FAR larger than it actually is? I never intended for it to come off as a huge robot, it’s actually about person sized. But people have beenĀ referringĀ to it as a “giant robot” since it came on the scene. Did you all mean that it was Adrastus-huge? Or just taller than Sarah and Michael?

I’m curious about this because I really want to improve drawing my action scenes before this gets even bigger, badder, and more epic. So please, give me feedback!

I can tell you this for sure. Sarah is about to f**k some shit up.

Drawn in Adobe Photoshop CS4 with Wacom Intuos tablet.