Who’s ready for the next page? Because I’m sure ready to show it to you guys! Too bad it won’t go up until next Tuesday. But I promise this chapter is about to get awesome. Sarah’s about to make some hard decisions, and I’m feeling a bit like my life is mirroring hers at the moment. Hopefully there’s no hostile aliens or giant robots in my future too. (Well, at least not for real… Though having the robot would be awesome.)

In other news, I finished my Script Frenzy project two days ago. 200 more pages of Adrastus script are in the bag! Well, at least roughed out. I’ll be making edits as the next year goes on, you can be sure of that. But it feels nice to know where the story is going that far ahead. Plus I finally got to write some of the stuff that I’ve been itching to get to since I started this project two years ago. I’m really excited about where this is going and I hope you guys are going to enjoy the ride!

Drawn in Manga Studio EX4 with Wacom Intuos tablet.