Panel Two

Sarah: Wow. Okay. Normally I don’t do rush orders. And we certainly wouldn’t try to do this much in a rush. This is a pretty exhaustive list. But, I’m going to be honest with you, sir, I have bored guys back there who need something to do. We don’t have the Zeon 250 or the Epsilon 475 kits though so I’m going to have to make some calls. It might take a day or so to get those, unless one of the other shops has one they’ll give me.

Panel Three

Michael: I’m willing to pay extra depending on how fast you all can get this done for me. This shop comes highly recommended. They tell me you and your boys are the best. I only want the best to work on this car.

Panel Four

Sarah: Let me go check with the floor manager to see how quickly we think we can get this done for you, sir! I’ll be right back!