Panel One
Breenda (phone): SARAH!

Panel Two
Sarah: Hi, Mom.
Brenda (phone): Are your fingers broken?
Sarah: I called two days ago, Mom. Besides, I have finals coming up and work to do at the shop.

Panel Three
Brenda (phone): I take it you aren’t coming home soon?
Sarah: Not before break. Can’t afford driving four hours out there.

Panel Four
Brenda (phone): Alright. You come home on break though, you hear me?
Sarah: I will. I will.

Panel Five
Brenda (phone): You sure you can’t be here sooner? I could cook your favorite dinner.
Sarah: Sorry, I can’t get away. Not that easily.
Brenda (phone): Alright. We’ll see you in a few weeks then. Want to talk to your father?
Sarah: He’s there? Thought he’d be out getting in trouble with Uncle Lance.