Panel One

Albert Smith (phone): I was wondering if you would be willing to meet with me about a possible business arrangement.

Sarah: Uhm… Sure, I guess. Though I can’t figure out what you’d want with a body shop owner. Being a toy company and all.

Albert Smith (phone): Our company is looking to get in on the growing popularity of Tuner Cars and racing. Currently no other company has filled the niche we feel is open for toys of this type. We need a consultant though to help with the planning of the new line. Some research brought up your name as an expert in the field.

Panel Two

Sarah (off): Oh wow, Tuner Car toys? Are you thinking they would be customizable too?

Albert Smith (phone): If you take this job and think that’s what kids would like, then yes.

Panel Three

Sarah (off): I have to admit, it sounds like a fun project that I’d be interested in… Cars and bikes are sort of my life.

Albert Smith (phone): Excellent! If you’re free next week to meet with me at our home offices in Paris, I could fit you in. We’d cover travel expenses, of course.

Panel Four

Sarah (off): Paris? Well, I actually have finals coming up at college in two weeks so it will have to be after them at the earliest.