Oh Sarah, you have no idea just how right you are. Chapter Nine is at an end, folks! Chapter Ten will start up November 19th and run through to the end of the year. And what a chapter it is!

Drawn in MangaStudio EX4.

Can’t wait three weeks to start reading Chapter 10?

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Well I’m offering you the chance to do just that! Yes, finally I’m at a point where I can start offering something I’ve wanted to be able to do for a long time! Until Chapter 10 starts posting on the site, you can use the PayPal button below to make a Pay-What-You-Want donation and you will then be taken to a page where you can download the Chapter 10 PDF and read it all at once or whenever you would like!

Chapter 10 PDF Contains:

  • 30 comic pages (29 story and one cover)
  • Exclusive Sarah Pin-up art that will NEVER be released on-line
  • Page of concept art for the TSC III
  • Chapter 10 script pages
Why a Pay-What-You-Want model for this release? I want to start making this a regular offering, but I need help picking the price point to sell these for! So I’m letting my readers help me set the price. I will take the average and use it to set the price for all future advance-chapter-PDFs. So, you tell me what this is worth to you! Chime in now, because this is the only time I’ll be doing the pay-what-you-want model for Chapter PDFs!