One of the most frustrating things about doing a web-comic like this is… well, chapters like this one. For you guys, we’re only 7 pages in, so you’ve had 2 weeks and a day with this chapter. For me, we’re starting in on week 6 of me tearing my hair out over these pages. I just exported pages 8-12, and I have through page 16 inked. The other pages are in various states of layout, pencils, and inking.

And it’s driving. Me. Bonkers. I’m completely burned out on this chapter right now because of the action panels and all the cars. It’s to the point where I’m staring at the screen more than I’m actually working on anything and I’m starting to have a mild case of panic because I’m not as far ahead as I’d like to be. Don’t get me wrong, I like drawing action. I don’t want to draw talking heads all the time (you guys would kill me), but this chapter being almost all a car chase? Was a bad idea. And I’m realizing that without some panels in this chapter for me to look forward to drawing, it’s really hard to get me going. Usually I have some funny lines or someone makes a fantastic expression every few panels, but this has been a real test of my…  I don’t want to say “seriousness” but it’s almost true.  There’s panels here and there that I’ve enjoyed doing because they make me giggle, but most of it is “car, car, guy shooting, Michael being awesome, car, car, saucer” … Oops, spoiler!

I don’t know why I’m writing this big blog post about this either, aside from the fact that it feels like I don’t really have a “reason” to be this dissatisfied with this chapter and tired of it when I’m not even actually halfway through it. I feel like there’s something wrong with me because it just started going up, then I remind myself “Oh yes, I’ve spent over a month on this already, not to mention the time it took to write the script back in April” so I’ve invested a LOT of time on this chapter. Maybe I can allow myself a little leeway and take a day or two as a mental health break. Not that you all will notice anything, because the pages will still be going up. But I feel so tired of this chapter already! I was reading through Chapter 10 though and laughing out loud because it’s just more my speed… I don’t know. Anyone have any thoughts? Because now I’m just rambling.

Drawn in MangaStudio EX4.