I bow at the feet of J.S. Rowe for coloring this for me. Seriously, this chapter has just been a huge pain in my neck, and four weeks ago I wasn’t sure at all how I was going to color this, much less color this, do my day job, AND be able to work out any sort of buffer of the regular pages. I was lamenting this on Twitter and J.S. stepped up and offered to color for me, making them the most awesome person, and the hero of the day. And personally, this is way better of a coloring job than I could have done. I love the effect on the ship, which you guys will find out more about in the upcoming chapter. :)

So, Adrastites, go give some love to Aedre’s Firefly for me, and I’ll see you all back here on Wednesday for page one!

Linework done by Liz Staley in Manga Studio EX4. Colors done by J.S. Rowe of Aedre’s Firefly, using what I presume is Photoshop. :)