So, funny story about that last panel.

Originally I had Michael with both hands in his pockets, and Lance gesticulating rather vaguely (just to have him doing SOMETHING). But after I had it most of them drawn and was working on Lance’s hand, I came to a realization.

I always say that Lance and Michael are so fun to draw because (unlike Sarah and Johnny) they’re goofballs and they make the best darn facial expressions in this whole comic. Well, Michael’s been staying out there for 2 weeks at this point, and I figure he’s gotten to know Sarah’s family. And I figure that he and Uncle Lance have become friends in that time.

Then my brain decided that a more appropriate thing for these two fools to do in greeting would be to fist-bump. I couldn’t get the thought out of my head, so I did ANOTHER sketch of the arms just to see how it looked.

As you can see, the fist bump stayed.

Drawn with Wacom Intuos Tablet in Adobe Photoshop CS4.