I’m more happy with these cars than I am with the cars on the previous page! Seems I may finally be getting this down.

Or, I’ve learned where to get reference from. Because that’s what I did. I drew from a lot of reference- to the point of downloading car models in Google Sketchup and turning them around to draw from them. It was hell trying to find a car for Michael that I liked, actually. I had to go to Wikipedia and look up James Bond cars. Settled on the Audi finally because I liked the look of it.

Also, did something a bit different with the shading on this page. What do you guys think? Very similar to what I did for the Adrastus book cover, just in black and white. (Maybe at this rate I’ll get fast enough that the comic might one day see color? Not sure!)

Drawn in Adobe Photoshop CS4 with Wacom Intuos tablet.