So, this page has a dirty little secret. Well, aside from the fact that it was largely copy-paste work for the whole thing. This set of panels (don’t remember if they were their own page or not, probably not) was erased from the script when I did some editing. Then when I was drawing this sequence I realized that I really needed this joke, not only because it made me giggle to do this page, but also because I needed to transition between this and the next page. Without these panels, the transition just didn’t work well. So I added these back in, very quickly, and find this page greatly amusing!

One of the biggest challenges with drawing a robot is that the face doesn’t change. At least, this one doesn’t. I had to get a little creative to make sure that there was some sort of focus with the character. Hopefully it comes across and isn’t too creepy. (I find that when I make Adrastus have “pupils” it makes him look a tad scary)

Drawn with Wacom Intuos Tablet in Adobe Photoshop CS4.