Happy Halloween, Mecha Heads! May your day be spooky and filled with candy and pumpkin spice flavored foods! I’d had the inclination to draw a Halloween picture with Sarah dressed in the new Batgirl costume and Michael as Nightwing but then tablet issues happened and all that so I never got around to it.

Coloring for this chapter is being done by the very spoopy Byron Wilkins!

Also if anyone is interested, I have original art up for sale on my eBay page. Sales of original art will be going toward getting a new cart for my horse, since we crashed the old one. Right now I’m having a lot of fun doing watercolor paintings of horses, and two of those are up on eBay right now, I have two more done that need to be signed, trimmed, and framed, and then two more in the works. Learning to be good with watercolor is something I’ve always wanted to do so I’m having fun with these horse paintings and experimenting with the medium. It’s a nice treat! (Actually, I did “treat myself” to some painting time yesterday as celebration for getting the last few pages of Chapter 15 pencilled, so it literally is a treat for me)

(If you are seeing this on Tumblr and there is no comic image yet, here is a link: http://adrastuscomic.com/2014/10/31/chapter-fifteen-up-here/)