And here we are, finally, with Chapter 15! This chapter is being colored by the talented Byron Wilkins, who I’ve hired on to help me with this one so that I can take a little stress off myself and get my buffer back.

Over the hiatus I’ve been to both GenCon and Intervention. GenCon I was just an attendee, but Intervention had me there as a guest for the first time! I’ve been vending at this convention for 4 years but this was the first year that I was a guest, which meant doing more panels and such.

2014-08-22 16.53.36 I had a wonderful time, despite hurting my shoulder two days before the con and being on painkillers and muscle relaxers most of the weekend. This made doing panels pretty… uhm… interesting. I have to admit that I was struggling to stay awake during the “Designing your first book” panel, so I was thankful for my two co-panelists and the incredibly inquisitive audience.

Friday night I also did a panel with the amazing Onezumi, talking about Depression. It was a cathartic and wonderful experience! Not only is Onezumi fantastic and one of my idols, but having an open and honest discussion about depression was wonderful. A bit like therapy, but a lot cheaper. And I think we helped a few dozen people with this open discussion. (And so, so many thanks to the lovely lady who came by my booth the next day to thank me for being in that panel. It was my pleasure!)

Saturday was my Manga Studio 5 panel, and I feel like I have to apologize to everyone who attended that one. I was by myself for that panel and my medicine was hitting me hard. Plus trying to operate Manga Studio through my Surface Pro 2 on the projector was a pain. The projector made my screen area even smaller, AND it made it that my stylus and the cursor were about an inch apart, so I really couldn’t see what I was doing. Next year for that panel I’ll probably just bring my entire computer set-up, or see if someone has a laptop I can borrow, because the Surface and the projector just did not like one another.

Sales were odd all weekend. Overall I made a great deal of them, but really only on Friday and Sunday. Saturday, a day that I would have expected to make the most sales, was dead! We were contending with rain all weekend though, and Saturday was the new Doctor Who premiere so I think that wasn’t helping. I usually do quite well at Intervention though and this year was no different. Plus I learned a lot about how to lay out my new table display, which I can put to good use for next year’s conventions.

I always highly recommend Intervention, it’s one of my favorite cons and I look forward to it all year. If you haven’t gotten to it and you’re around the Rockville, MD area, come check it out next year!