I really love the way that the gradient that Byron used on the sky in the background just off-sets Nancy so well on this page. And that the forest looks dark and maybe a little creepy- which it really should when you’re creeping up on potential danger!

So, I’ve had my Cintiq for a little over a week now. (Note: Today’s page was inked on my Surface Pro 2 with the default stylus) I love it. I’m still getting used to it some, but the learning curve is minuscule. After a few days with it I customized the shortcut buttons for MangaStudio and since then I have just been flying when I use it. There are some things that are a little weird, like the touch strips on the back don’t seem to respond sometimes until I tap the screen once with the stylus. Then it’s like they “wake up” and are responsive again. And after doing some color work this morning I think I’m going to have to switch two of my buttons around because one would be better suited to the right hand side instead of the left.

Other than that though… Wow. This thing truly is my dream machine. I actually sometimes have to remind myself that it’s really here. It really exists and I really own it. About six years or so dreaming about it and it happened. Working on it is amazing. We had to put it on the monitor arm finally last week because the stand is just too tall up on my desk and I was starting to get shoulder pain again. I’m a little terrified of breaking my desk because it’s not a very expensive desk, so I’m quite careful with the arm and just lift the Cintiq enough to pull it down almost in to my lap for when I’m working with it, and then just enough to push it back up on the desk with the bottom edge sitting on the top of the desk when I’m done. So far no issues with breaking desks, so we’ll just keep our fingers crossed on that one!