I think this is one of my favorite pages so far this chapter. But what is this alarm going off for?

This chapter is being colored by Byron Wilkins, the color ninja. I would not have survived the past few months without his help, seriously. He deserves some serious kudos!

Speaking of, my color ninja mentioned on Twitter last night that I had an “incident”. And by “incident” I mean… I had a pretty bad crash yesterday.

For those who don’t know, I have a horse! Her name is Glory and one of her favorite things to do in the world is to pull a cart.

20140704_142445_15 Here we are this past Fourth of July. I’ve been working with Glory for about the past year and half, doing groundwork, exercising her, and driving her in the cart.

Sunday is a tradition for the two of us, it used to be the one day of the week that I could go up and work her back when I first started going up to learn how to work with her. So yesterday I went up and took advantage of a nice, cool, beautiful early autumn day, strapped my helmet on, and hooked Glory up to the cart.

We were out maybe ten minutes. I took Glory and the cart down to the bottom of the field and started working on some circles (something we’ve been doing a lot of lately, to loosen up and flex her neck and back). I was letting her canter, and I was holding on tight to the cart with my feet. I was about to bring her back to the trot…

And suddenly I found myself on the grass.

I don’t know if we hit a bump particularly hard, or if I was taking the turn too sharp, or if Glory slipped on the grass, or what, but the cart flipped over, dumping me out hard on the grass, and destroying the cart.

Both the shafts of the cart broke off as the cart flipped. The seat came off too. Glory was thankfully unharmed, and in fact, unphased. When I found my glasses and got up off the ground, she was standing calmly about fifteen feet away, broken cart shafts still hanging from her harness, staring at me as though she was confused about why we had stopped when she was just starting to have fun. I grabbed her reins and looked her over real quick, unclipped the remains of the cart shafts from her harness, and called up to the house to tell them what had happened.

By the time my friend’s family came down to help me, I was a sobbing mess, shaking as Glory nosed at me. Sam walked Glory back up to the barn while I went with Nancy to the house. By now I’d realized I was bleeding. I took my helmet off and went upstairs to the bathroom. When I got thrown out of the cart I hit the ground with the edge of my helmet and the left side of my face. My helmet broke the skin above my eye and it bled fairly badly. Still it would have been a LOT worse had I not been wearing my helmet. I also happened to be wearing a long-sleeve shirt, a t-shirt, and a long-sleeve sweater so aside from the cut on my head I also only have a bruise on my right thumb. This morning I’m sore, especially around my shoulders, and I still think the one side of my face is probably going to bruise like hell but so far it hasn’t yet.

By the time this posts I should be at an Urgent Care, getting my head checked out as a precaution. My mom convinced me to go, so I’m going to go. At the very least I should have the cut on my head looked at because it’s still pretty gross looking and seems to be spotting blood at times.

I checked on Glory before I drove myself back home yesterday and she was fine. She has some paint transfer on her back left hoof- probably from one of the cart shafts hitting her hoof after they broke. She’s walking fine and all. When I left she was happily munching hay with her herdmate, Airwolf. She came over to me when I went out to the paddock, I’m sure because she thought I was going to give her treats and probably not because she was worried about me or anything. Depending on what the doctors at Urgent Care say this morning I may go up there early this afternoon and bring her in to check on her again and just make sure she doesn’t have any cuts that no one caught yesterday.

So anyway. Yeah. If you do any sort of sport with a horse, make sure that you always wear a helmet! You never know when something might happen and it could save your life.

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