Last page I wanted to type in the blog “MEANWHILE NANCY” but that would have given it away. (Not that people probably didn’t guess it anyway)

Colors for chapter 15 are being provided by Byron Wilkins, who is totally killing it. That reflection of the TSC III on the windshield in panel 4 was literally a separate layer with a scribble on it when I sent the page to him, with a note pointing to it saying “this is a reflection on the windshield” and he actually made it look like that’s what it is. So happy with this page (and with this chapter so far!).

This past weekend is the first time that I remember “taking off” in a long time. Saturday I went with my riding instructor, some of the younger students, and my husband up to the Penn De National Grand Prix horse show, where we watched some of the best riders in the world compete. I did a few gesture drawings while we were there, but it’s pretty hard even to do gestures of horses going at a full canter around a ring as ¬†fast as they can and jumping over oxers. Then Sunday I did some volunteer work in the morning and then went up to see Glory. We took a lovely walk around the field for a bit and then I fed her and Airwolf their lunch. On the way home I grabbed lunch for myself and then spent the rest of the day watching Agents of Shield and RWBY with hubby, going out to dinner, and then doing the grocery shopping before laying down in bed and passing out.

It was actually nice to take a few days off from drawing and such. Today I’m feeling much more ready to get back in to it, and in fact I’m going to start drawing as soon as I’m done writing this post. Not only do I have Adrastus to do but I also have a batch of about 12 images that have already been paid for that I need to do. These were paid for before the previous tablet died and I haven’t been able to do them, so now that the Cintiq is in I’ll be happy to start crossing them off my to-do list!

Is there anything you’re looking forward to accomplishing this week? Tell me in the comments!