At least, Andromeda’s sick and I’m tired. Either way, she’s had enough of this crap.

Coloring for this chapter is being provided by Byron Wilkins, who apparently had a lot of fun with today’s page! Loving that motion blur on the top right, myself.

First announcement: I’ve added items to the store, including original art and Guardians of the Galaxy buttons, as well as some buttons I’m selling to benefit the National Suicide Lifeline.

Second announcement: I went to the Emergency Room last Friday and got my knee checked out. They took a lot of X-rays and determined that I did not do any skeletal damage. However they couldn’t check for tissue damage so they had to refer me to an orthopedic surgeon. I tried to call the orthopedic surgeon after I got out of the ER and was told that I have to wait until they call me to schedule an appointment. So I’ve been in pain all weekend, but I should hear from them sometime this morning to make an appointment to see the doctor. I’ve been on a steady diet of pain killers and anti-inflammatories which have helped a lot, as has applying heat to the knee. (I was using cold before and that wasn’t doing anything, so I switched to heat and that’s worked much better) I feel like I’m maybe 50% better today, I can bend my knee a bit further and getting up from chairs and sitting down is a lot easier. So that’s what’s going on with that. I’m hoping it’s nothing so serious that I will actually need surgery, because the thought of that really freaks me out.

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