Sarah asks the real questions. Really though considering Lance’s usual behavior he should be given a pat on the back for not making a joke at the expense of Johnny/Orion here. (I only realized the potential for a pun when I was describing this scene to my husband, and thought that this exchange would be pretty amusing which is why I included it. :) )

Shout-out to my colorist for this chapter, Byron Wilkins! Because I never would have thought to do that color gradient up the side of the page and behind the panels but it looks AMAZING.

I have about five different things going through my mind today to blog about and there is no way in hell that anyone would read a post that long. Maybe I’ll try bullet points? Let’s see how this goes.

  • New tablet is currently still on backorder from MacMall. No idea if they will actually be able to fulfill my order this week or not. Trying to raise another $400 if I can just in case I need to order Cintiq brand new (Amazon has them in stock right now and with another $400 I would have enough to buy it and get one-day shipping)
  • I got a Bamboo Stylus Feel and an awesome hoodie from Wacom. I’ll be using that on my Surface Pro until the Cintiq comes in. I’ve been putting some inking tutorial videos up on YouTube.
  • Been thinking about splitting the Patreon Campaign up and having one specifically for Adrastus and one specifically for my tutorial videos. Having both lumped together seems like maybe it’s confusing, and then if someone wants to support my tutorials but not necessarily interested in the comic they could do that.
  • There’s new stuff in the RedBubble store. Including some snarky feminist shirts, a new Andromeda shirt, and a horseback riding related shirt.
  • The past few days I’ve realized that I’ve literally been at high-stress for about six weeks (with tunnel-vision-focus on the new tablet: raising money, eBaying items, decluttering, highs and lows related to the order continually being pushed back, etc) and have been trying to do things to relax. Very difficult when the top two things on my “Ways to relax” list are Driving The Horse Cart and Horseback Riding, both of which I cannot do because I crashed the horse cart and destroyed it and hit my head last week. Thankfully this week I can go back to my Monday riding lesson though.
  • I’m still putting stuff up on eBay, including pieces of original art right now. I’ve got a ton of other stuff still to sell since hubby and I are going through his childhood toys and selling most of it.
  • Inktober is amazing fun and I’m loving doing it!

That’s probably all too long even in bullet point form. My brain is far too active for this early on a Monday morning. Any thoughts on anything? Pop them in the comments below!