I’m feeling quite a bit better today than I was last week. Last week was just… really stressful on many levels. I have a lot of projects going on right now, and it seems like all of them need all of my time. Which makes them very hard to juggle. And there is literally no one who is able to help me, so I have to give five or six different things my full attention. Which, of course, doesn’t work. And it just makes me feel stretched too thin. Despite feeling like I had 55 hours of stuff to squeeze in to 24 hours, I spent two days last week sitting paralyzed in front of my computer, sobbing. So yeah, it just wasn’t a good week and I’m pretty glad that it’s over. Hoping that this week is not going to be a repeat of that.

This week is also the last week of Chapter 15! Friday’s page will be the final one. Then Adrastus will be on a short hiatus until January, because Chapter 15 actually deviated from the script so much that the couple chapters I had written out after this are useless and I need to work on more script, plus I’d like to get a head start on Chapter 16. Besides, the holidays are crazy anyway and this is a good time to take a little break. I’ve got some fun stuff that I want to draw so I’ll be putting those up here on the site in the interim and keeping everyone informed, of course, on how things are going. If things go according to plan we should be posting again by January 5th.

Also, I saw Big Hero 6 twice in 24 hours this weekend. It was amazing.

Colors for Chapter 15 are being done by Byron Wilkins, who is feeling better too and I’m really glad for that!