This chapter’s colors are being provided by Byron Wilkins, who once killed a bear with his Wacom stylus.

I want to share some awesome news with you all. As you probably know, one year ago my book ‘Mastering Manga Studio 5’ was released through Packt Publishing. It was a nearly year-long project that I worked hard on. Well this past week I learned that the sales have made over what I received in an advance, and I will now begin receiving Royalty payments!

I can honestly say that I never thought the book would be this much of a success. Especially not just a year after its release! This is something that all of YOU did and I am humbled by the reach that this book has had. My heartfelt and emotional thanks goes out to everyone who has purchased Mastering Manga Studio 5, to Packt for the opportunity to write the book, and also of course to the makers of Manga Studio/Clip Studio for bringing us the best drawing software I have ever used.

This first royalty payment will be going toward my new tablet fund.