I’m just in love with the way the screens are colored on this page. Byron is doing such a fantastic job with them (and with everything else, too!) Give him some love, he’s been a huge help this chapter.

Update on my tablet! All my money came in yesterday and MacMall charged my card. I’m currently awaiting the tracking info on my order, which should be shipping out today. Not sure when it will get here just this second, but I’m sure it’ll be sometime next week. I’m so excited! (seriously, I’ve already been looking for the box even though it’s not shipped yet. I’m pathetic, I know.)

So a huge thank you to everyone who chipped in, whether financially, physically, or emotionally for me this past month with trying to get the funds together. It’s been a crazy few weeks of eBay listings and drowning in packing materials, but it’s been worth it. I’ve been wanting a Cintiq for years now and I’m finally getting my dream tablet! Hooray!

I’ll of course be putting up photos and such once it arrives. I’m trying to think of a name for it… I name all my large purchases (don’t judge me.) so the Cintiq is going to have to have a name. Suggestions? Pop them in the comments!