So this is why Sarah’s been having such trouble decoding the coordinates. Dammit, Johnny!

This chapter is being colored by Byron Wilkins, who is an old man but also a total badass. :) You should go hire him to do some creative stuff for you!

Now I want to share some great news! I’m copy/pasting from my Tumblr rather than writing it all over again.

So I emailed MacMall to ask about when they would get the 22HD Cintiq Refurb in and if it was going to be weeks or months or anything. They emailed me back very quickly and told me that they have 3 refurbs coming in on the second of October and that if I did a phone order they could put me at the top of the list and they wouldn’t charge my card until the item ships. (All my bank transfers should be done by the second so that is pretty perfect. I ran numbers on what was there, what I was expecting, and things I haven’t gotten paid for yet to see how much I was going to have) I gave the customer support guy my number and he called within five minutes. He was EXTREMELY helpful and nice and put me at the top of the list at a priority for the Cintiqs coming in. Then he gave me a deal on the shipping charge and promised that he’d email me immediately if the item was delayed and came in later than they expected. He made sure I understood the return and warranty stuff and that he had all my info correct.
SO, bottom line, I have two days to raise a little bit more money. BUT my new tablet- my DREAM TABLET- is on order!!!

So pretty soon I’ll have my new tablet! Woo-hoo! Once it ships I’m going to be sitting on the front steps looking like a lost puppy, I’m sure. :) I’m excited!