“Crap baskets.”

Andromeda is in trouble! Come on, Andromeda! You can do this!

Chapter 15 colors are being done by Byron Wilkins! Go give his page a look!

Monday morning, before the comic page even went up, I got a call from the Orthopedic Surgeon asking if I’d come in for an appointment at 8:45a.m. So I had my appointment and thankfully I do not need surgery. Which is what scared the crap out of me when the ER doctor said I needed to go see an orthopedic surgeon. But basically what I’ve done is strained the inner ligament of my knee. It should heal itself in a few weeks, and I now have a hinged knee brace on. Which is working better than the ACE bandage I was using. I should be back to riding by next week, the doctor hoped. The brace is helping a whole lot, though. Yesterday I spent several hours on my feet taking photos for eBay listings, and today I was having horse hair withdrawal and went down to the barn to brush horses and help out with class. So a few hours on my feet, not a big deal. Some minor discomfort but not excruciating, debilitating pain like before. Hooray!

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