Considering that Andromeda hasn’t done enough damage here to make the Agents run away in fear, this is obviously Going To Be Bad. What’s coming? Find out on Friday when the last page of Chapter 15 is posted!

Coloring for Chapter 15 is being done by Byron Wilkins, who is still medicated but I think we can forgive him for that.

This week I’ve been working on a batch of commissions I got paid for before my Yiynova tablet died. Most of the images that my client needed are done but I’m working on the “big” one now. It’s really coming along nicely and I’m very happy with it! I think I worked on it about six and a half hours yesterday and got almost all the way done. Got a few more characters to paint and then some tweaks to be done. I’ve been very excited to work on this image since I received these commissions so I’m glad it’s going so well. I was a little afraid that I was going to open the file this morning and realize that everything looked terrible and I was going to have to scrap the whole thing. Thankfully that’s not been the case. Hoping that I get to share these images soon!

Page drawn and colored in Manga Studio EX5