Uh-ooohhhh. Sarah’s running off to do something heroic again.

This chapter is being colored by the great Byron Wilkins, who I think might be an alien himself. (But I have no proof of that)

One thing that I’ve always knocked old cartoons about is that when one side or the other has surveillance stuff, it’s always at some dramatic, awesome angle. Who the hell puts cameras in their fortress stronghold that provide a dramatic worm’s eye view of the protagonists as they come in, and follows them as they run down the hall? I mean, honestly. I wouldn’t do that if it were my evil stronghold. But it’s in every old cartoon, so I just had to do it here in Adrastus. (and of course, Sarah is the only one who thinks it’s strange)

While I’ve been waiting for my Cintiq and my new Wacom Surface stylus to come in, I’ve been participating in Inktober! Which has been a lot of fun and is giving me lots of excuses to experiment. I’ve also been filming some traditional media inking tutorials and putting them up on my YouTube channel. Later today I’m hoping to film one with my brush pen, so look for that coming soon!

Also, I’m recovering from my weekend crash. I’ve been to my new chiropractor twice this past week and they’ve helped a lot. The cut on my head is healing, and is now in the “itch like crazy” stage. So I’ve still had a band-aid over it to keep me from picking at the scab, though I don’t need it to stop the bleeding any more or anything. My right shoulder still has the worst pain but it’s down to an occasional twinge instead of a constant stabbing pain. So I’m recovering, and apparently doing better. In fact I’m going up to see my horse and take her for a walk this morning so I don’t check my shipping status on the Cintiq every two minutes.