Coloring for this chapter is being done by Byron Wilkins!

Edit: Apparently there were some layers turned off on the original export of this page. Fixed now!

So my power cord for my tablet monitor got damaged last week and I had to order a new cord from Amazon. As a result I haven’t been able to work on penciling/inking new pages (thankfully I had up to page 11 inked before this). So I had to get my old sketchbook out and actually draw on paper! I haven’t drawn on paper in a long time so it was certainly odd. A little nice though. I think I’m going to keep doing some anatomy studies in the sketchbook until my power cord gets here.

I also just finished reading Color Theory: An essential guide to color-from basic principles to practical applications (Artist’s Library)¬†which I ordered from Amazon on a whim. When it arrived I was a little afraid- the book is TINY! I pulled it out of the box and thought “How can this have anything in it that I haven’t read on my own already?” But I was pleasantly surprised. The book being slim means that it’s easy and quick to read. It goes over the standard stuff- color wheel, the basic color schemes, mixing colors. But there were some gems of knowledge in there that weren’t taught in the one color class I had in college and that I’ve not found in tutorials. Things like how to dull down the intensity of colors, color moods, and styles of painting. A lot of the book has to do with actually mixing paint and the qualities of paint, which is less helpful to me because I rarely do traditional painting. BUT knowing these things can definitely help with my digital art too. And this is a slim, handy resource that I can keep on my desk and refer back to as I work. The book is nicely priced, too, so if you’re just getting started in color I recommend it highly.