I have to admit, I started having a lot of fun with the panel shapes this chapter. It was very interesting trying out new layouts and seeing how they effect a scene. (BTW, to avoid confusion with the next page, the TSCIII does shoot bullets, not lasers. The title of this page is supposed to be a reference to that old meme. You know the one.)

Coloring for this chapter is being done by Byron Wilkins, and you should go check out his website because he’s pretty damn awesome.

Two Mondays ago I hurt my knee during riding class. My 1200-pound stubborn mare didn’t want to move (it was kinda warm, she has her winter coat, I can understand why she was lethargic) and I was trying to make her and apparently wrenched my left knee pretty badly. I’ve had it wrapped in an ACE bandage almost non-stop since then, and some days it’s better, some days it’s worse. Today it’s really, really bad. Seems that moving in my sleep makes it worse and I wake up in the morning just in agony and barely able to walk. Being in pain makes me not want to much write blog posts, hence why I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog lately. (Is anyone really reading these, anyway?)

I’m going to use all that as a really clumsy seque in to promoting my new Tumblr blog, Living Glory Bound, which is all about my trials and tribulations of being a 30-something beginning horsewoman. Right now I think I have three of my own blog posts up, one about meeting Glory for the first time, one about my class last Friday and one about last Monday’s class. I’m trying to keep rampant reblogging of horse-things down to a minimum on this blog. But anyway, if you’re interested in horses or interested in my ramblings about learning about horses, go check it out. I’m going to update it as I can.

Oh, and did you know I also have a Tumblr where you can Ask The Adrastus Cast Questions? There hasn’t been a new question in a long time, so send me one! It can be for any member of the Adrastus Cast!

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