Where you headed, Sarah?

Colors for this chapter are being done by Byron Wilkins, who is a badass and you should visit his site.

I have bad news. My Yiynova tablet monitor is busted. What I thought was just a power cord issue is, in fact, a power CONNECTION issue. I ordered a new power cord and I still have to hold the cord in one specific spot just to get power to the monitor at all. If I let go, monitor turns off. Pile on to this the fact that I’m STILL having driver issues that (when I did have power working) would only let me have pressure sensitivity for about 5 minutes before it became unresponsive and I had to restart Manga Studio/the entire computer, and I’m done. I can’t even tape the cord in place, and if I could it still wouldn’t fix the issue that is apparently happening between my computer and the monitor that makes the sensitivity cut off. (maybe related to the power connection issue? But I don’t know)

So, I have my Surface, which I actually have a really hard time inking on because the screen is too small.¬†I need to get a new tablet. Yesterday I started selling off the bulk of my My Little Pony collection to raise¬†funds to do just that. It hurts, I hate having to do it because some of these are special to me. But they’re also just *stuff* and Adrastus means more to me than *stuff*. Telling stories means more to me than stuff. Sarah and Michael and the other characters I’ve made in this world mean more to me than things, and if I have to sell everything except my computer tower, desk, and desk chair to keep making comics and telling stories, then I will do it.

What does this mean for the rest of the chapter? I don’t know. I’m going to try to get inks done on the Surface, and have them not look like absolute crap. If I can’t do that then the comic is just going to have to go on hiatus until I can get something that I can ink on. I’m definitely getting another Wacom, because that is the only brand I’ve ever had that I don’t have issues with. I’ve had three tablets that weren’t Wacom in my life and each one I had issues within a year. My $99 Graphire lasted 8 years with me using it almost every day and I never even had to replace a pen nib. I only got rid of it because I bought an Intuos at the time and thought it would make a good starter tablet for someone else.

So anyway. That’s what’s going on. I will, of course, keep the site updated as to what’s going on. I did manage to get up to page 11 inked before this all happened. So there’s still some pages that Byron can color while I’m trying to figure out how to ink on my Surface without it looking like crap, and for me to attempt to get enough things sold to buy something else.

This also means that I won’t be able to do much for Manga Studio tutorial videos either for the foreseeable future.

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