“Nancy, no!” “Nancy YES!”

Colors for chapter 15 are being provided by Byron Wilkins! He’s great to work with, you should go check his site.

I’m either coming down with something, the weather change is getting to me, or my depression is really bad right now. I’ve been exhausted non-stop since this past Sunday. Everything seems okay when my alarm goes off- I get out of bed and go to get some work done, and then an hour or two later I’m so exhausted that I’m falling asleep at my desk and can’t do anything. Yesterday I actually went and laid down on the couch and slept another three hours. Last night I took some melatonin pills and decided that I was just going to sleep until I got up, so I haven’t been awake for very long yet today but I’m hoping that fixed the problem and maybe got me some restful sleep. We’ll see how it goes today. I have eBay packages to drop off at the post office, some commissions to work on, and of course a comic to do so it’s going to be a busy day.