So Michael’s big idea from the previous chapter? Hold a drag race in front of the shop to distract the Varugo. It’s big and noisy and likely to draw attention, right? Might be crazy enough to work! We’ll have to see, right? I’m going to admit to being ridiculously fond of that first panel.

I’m wishing though that I had found a better way to draw the second panel so that the Varugo guard at the back of the shop was a bit more obvious. And looking at it now, he could have been larger too.

That all being said, this is definitely one of the crazier things that my characters have done this entire comic. All because Sarah thinks of the guys who work for her as part of her family. Have you ever been that attached to people that you worked with that it made you do something strange to protect them or show them that you care? Is there anyone that you would face a horde of angry aliens to rescue? Let me know in the comments below!

Drawn in Manga Studio EX4